Privacy and personal information management policy

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1. Privacy and personal information management policy of the company Chaichot Ruam Yang Co., Ltd.

A person has the right to be protected from the illegal exploitation of personal data. about one's own As provided by law, Chaichot Ruam Yang Co., Ltd. is committed to continually enhance the organization's values. operate business with Good governance in order to be trusted by customers Based on this corporate philosophy as the leading Therefore, the company Must comply with the laws, regulations and guidelines related to personal data protection. Provide appropriate methods for handling personal data and have security measures. appropriate for the protection of the personal information of the Company's customers.


2. Definition

“Personal Information” means information about an individual. which makes it possible to identify that person whether directly or indirectly but does not include the information of the deceased in particular.


“Company” means Chaichot Ruam Yang Company Limited.


“Service User” means a person or juristic person who owns personal information. who use the company's services or who come into contact with the company's information system


“Personal Data Controller” means a person or juristic person who has the power and duty to make decisions about the collection, use or disclosure of personal data.


“Information Information System” means a computer system. communication network Network system connected to the Internet storage system Electronic mail system (E-mail) communication system for all types of information, document information, communication device information. computer equipment and peripheral devices or any related equipment which is the right or proprietary of the Company Chaichot Ruam Yang Co., Ltd. and/or the company Chaichot Ruam Yang Co., Ltd. is permitted to use by law.


3. Objectives

Chaichot Ruam Yang Co., Ltd. has prepared this privacy policy. For use in the management of personal information of the user and the company. which includes collecting Use and Disclosure of Personal Data in accordance with applicable laws To protect the security of personal information of All users who contact the Company's website


In this regard, the Company can set guidelines for protecting personal information of users. To define the details of the Personal Data Protection Policy for the Personal Data Controller by This Privacy Policy It has been approved and driven by senior management. And the said policy has been announced to employees and third parties involved in general for acknowledgment.


4. Enforcement (Enforcement)

Privacy Policy To protect personal information of all users (Personal Information Identification) who contacted the Company's information system. to apply to the collection, use, disclosure amendment or take any action to the Company's personal information Chaichot Ruamyang Co., Ltd., with the Legal Compliance Department as a supervisor, monitor and inspect to strictly comply with this policy.


5. Limited collection of personal information

The Company collects the personal information of the users in a legal and fair manner. The Company will collect as much information as is necessary for the provision of electronic transaction services. according to the Company's operational objectives and only as required by law The consent of the service user will be requested before collecting. unless required by law and or in the cases as set forth in this policy, by which the Company will keep those information confidential

Personal data collected may include the following information:

5.1 Contact information such as first name, last name, identity document, gender, address, telephone number. Fax Number and Email:

5.2 Vehicle information such as body number, registration, model, color, other details of the car:

5.3 Product usage information and/or services:

5.4 Your personal interests and preferences This will help the company to choose the most suitable product for you:

5.5 Information you allow about marketing preferences or obtained through participation in surveys, contests, contests, prize draws or promotional offers and/or:

5.6 CCTV footage or recording camera that have recorded images while you come to visit, use the service in the office or branches of the company or participate in any activity of the company:

5.7 Use of Cookies on the Company's website Cookies linked to personal data can be used. For a more comfortable use of the website:

5.8 Log files of the Company's website and the WiFi network provided by the Company for its users:


6.Quality of personal data

The Company collects personal information of users. to be used for the benefit of the Company's mission This is in accordance with the powers, duties and objectives of the Company's operations. As defined by the information that has been collected, the Company will attach importance to completeness. and keep it up-to-date and up-to-date


7. Identifying the purpose of collecting information

The Company collects, stores, uses or disseminates personal information of users. for the following purposes

7.1 To deliver notifications, service or product information and service marketing information or that product to you

7.2 To make you a party to the necessary agreements and/or contracts related to sales and the procurement of the company's products or for the provision of goods and services

7.3 Special purpose for any services or products offered by the Company.